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 2009 Westchester/Fairfield Walk Now for Autism 
Sunday, June 7, 2009
Manhattanville College, Purchase NY

Register Your 2009 Walk Team Today
The 2009 Westchester/Fairfield Walk Now for Autism fundraising website is now open.  Many improvements have been made and one of its best features for 2009 is the ability to enter your 2008 username and password and your information will auto-populate into the 2009 website including last year's address book!

To register your team for the 2009 Westchester/Fairfield Walk Now for Autism please visit


Vote Now - We need your help!
Please take a minute to register online at to receive advocacy alerts and updates on legislation initiatives related to autism. When an important initiative such as insurance coverage for autism services is introduced or being voted on in New York or Connecticut, you'll be one of the first to know so you can take action!

2009 Westchester/Fairfield Walk Now for Autism Committee
Have you considered being a part of the 2009 Walk Now for Autism Committee?  Did you enjoy your experience at last year’s Walk for Autism?  Do you have ideas on how to increase fundraising, food donations or fun at the Kick-off?  We are looking to add new Committee Members in 2009 and grow this Walk to its fullest potential. For more information about being a part of the committee contact our local Autism Speaks office at (914) 934-5138 or by e-mail at

Family Services School Community Tool Kit
We need your help to make sure that your school administrators know about the new School Community Tool Kit.  It is designed to help school administrators talk with their staff about how students with autism can best be supported and included in the school community.  The Kit includes content about the features and challenges associated with autism, the strengths possessed by students with autism, and a host of tools and strategies teachers, administrators, and other staff can use to foster an accepting learning environment.  The School Community Tool Kit is available at

Participate In Online Parent Study
This study is designed to gather information about the perceptions and experiences of parents and caregivers, with a specific interest in their levels of satisfaction with regards to their child's pediatrician.  This study will make it possible to define the factors that are associated with increased satisfaction with pediatricians and identify regional differences in knowledge, actions, care or support by pediatricians. We hope that the responses to this survey will provide a better understanding of ways that pediatricians can better serve parents and their children that have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To participate in this study hosted by Vanderbilt University please visit

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